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  • Green Juice

    Cheap & Delicious Summer Green Juice

    If you’ve been anywhere near a Lululemon or on Instagram, you might have noticed that green juices are a “thing.” And I’ll admit that I LOVE a good green juice in the morning. But when I walked by a juice bar recently, I nearly had a heart attack at the prices. $9 for a green […] Read more…

  • Luann Be Cool

    How to React to the Market Correction? Stay Calm and Don’t Sell

    Who else is recovering from the craziness that was the market yesterday? As soon as the market opened investors abandoned ship faster than a member of One Direction, which sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) down a staggering 1,100 points. That was the biggest decline on record in a trading day. You might be […] Read more…

The Stock Market: Trade Ideas

  • Apple earnings

    How to react to Apple’s earnings report

    Apple (AAPL) reported earnings last night, and the result left a bitter taste in the market’s mouth. The stock closed around $131 yesterday, buoyed by high expectations. But after the earnings report, the stock dropped to about $121 after hours, and is trading around $124 today –a 5% drop from yesterday. So what the heck […] Read more…

  • NEtflix

    Why Now Could be a Great Time to Buy Netflix

    Last Tuesday, Netflix (NFLX) made all of my Tradette dreams come true. The streaming company announced it approved a 7 for one stock split. (Well, that and I finally finished the latest season of Orange is the New Black. Holy moly). The stock split means that Netflix shareholders will get 7 shares for each of […] Read more…

Money Saving TIps

  • July Simple Saver

    Simple Saver Series (July): Cut Subscriptions to Save Money

    Automation can be a great financial tool. I use it to pay all of my bills online, without having to worry about late fees. But when it comes to budgets, automation can sometimes be a bad thing. Like that monthly magazine subscription you don’t actually read. Or that annual membership fee you didn’t even realize […] Read more…

  • MF fees

    5 Surprising Ways You’re Wasting Money – And How to Stop

    There are lots of obvious ways to save more money. You can pack your lunch instead of buying it, cut back on the Starbucks, or cook at home instead of eating out. But there are some ways you waste your money that you might not have even through about yet. Here are 5 surprising ways […] Read more…

Personal Finance

  • How to Create a Budget

    The Three Steps to Creating A Budget You Can Stick To

    Creating a budget. I realize that sounds like a torturous prospect for many of you. But ultimately, a budget is one of the best tools you can use to master your finances and make the most of your money. So today I’m showing you exactly how to set up a pain-free budget using three simple […] Read more…

  • How to file an amended tax return

    What to do when you make a mistake on your taxes

    There’s no getting around it: taxes are the worst. And while it’s great to get a tax return check in the mail, putting those returns together isn’t so fun either. That’s especially true if you realize you made a mistake on your tax return. What do you even do in that situation? Does the government […] Read more…

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