As I mentioned in my 2016 goals post, today’s post is the first installment in a weekly series that walks you through a week of my spending. Think of it as the Grub Street Diet for money. I’m excited to let you all in on a bit more of my life and spending habits.

By the way, the series title is still a work in progress. Any better ideas are much appreciated!

Friday, 1/1

Enough years of buying over-priced tickets to New Year’s Eve parties taught me this holiday can be a bit overrated. So B and I escaped to a family beach house in Delaware for a few days over New Year’s. Thursday night was spent over dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and Friday was mostly spent relaxing (plus a bit of recovering 🙂).

Bethany Beach

We did venture out in the afternoon to check out the outlets. I normally hate outlets because I think I get better deals just shopping the sales in real stores, but I found out about a Lululemon outlet!! Turns out the excitement was unnecessary – it was just as disappointing as every other outlet. It was just a store with lots of few months old inventory, all at the normal sales prices (is it weird that I have the Lululemon pricing structures memorized?), and there was nothing I really needed anyways.

We stopped off at Nicola Pizza on the way home for a Nic-O-Boli – a must do in the area! I spent $10 including tip. Dinner was cooked at the house using groceries we had bought earlier in the week (so I won’t count their cost here).

Total Spend: $10


Though I’m incredibly excited about moving to Boston this fall, I’m also seriously dreading the cold! DC winters are bad enough! So I took advantage of the post-holiday online sales to buy a pair of Boston ready Cole Haan boots – waterproof and shearling lined, yet still cute for everyday wear. I had spent $173 on them (I know, but I’m about quality over quantity) but when I looked them up for this post I noticed they’re marked down to $150 on Amazon! Luckily my credit card does price matching for me, so this post just saved me $23 🙂.

We headed home Saturday to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday at dinner with my family. I stopped off at CVS on the way to grab the one Grandma birthday card that was not meant to come from a 5 year old– $5.

Spend: $178 $155


Sunday was super low key. I went to a family brunch, then spent the rest of the day at home and ate leftovers for dinner.

Spend: $0


My day started with Spin class, followed by work. For dinner I defrosted a carrot and sweet potato soup I’d made a few weeks ago and frozen.

Spend: $0


See Monday.

Spend: $0


To my delight, a new Pure Barre studio near my office just joined ClassPass. I LTB-ed my booty off after work, then popped into the grocery store next door to pick up some food staples (gotta love suburban shopping centers).

Spend: $30.18

(Grocery spend reflects my share of the bill; B and I split our food costs. Side note: I have a great Excel spreadsheet for any other cohabiting couples looking to track/split costs – email me for a copy).


After a few nights of frozen Trader Joe’s meals, I was ready to cook. Enter Ina Garten’s Perfect Roast Chicken. It is indeed perfect – moist on the inside with a beautiful, crisp skin.

I headed back to the grocery to grab ingredients, plus groceries I’d forgotten on Wednesday, for a bill of $50.82.

This is one of my new favorite recipes. It’s delicious and quite cheap – for under $14 I made a chicken that netted about 6 servings. And you don’t need any fancy cook-ware for this recipe either. If you don’t have a roasting pan (I don’t) you just lay the chicken on a bed of vegetables. The veggies lift it up so air can get underneath, like a roasting rack would, plus this method has the added benefit of a built in side-dish.

Ina Garten Perfect Roast Chicken

Spend: $50.82

And that’s a wrap on my week! All in, I spent $246 this week – a little higher than normal given my one-off shoe purchase. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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