There was a great article out of the UK the other day about how to increase the numbers of women in Tech.  Currently only 17% of the tech workforce is female and is decreasing each year by 0.5%, according to girls Tech education campaign, Little Miss Geek.  The columnist argues that the key is increasing Math education, often seen as a “boys subject,” for girls starting as young as elementary school.  She also points out that networking and engagement is key later on in life, and hopes tech entrepreneurs target more recruiting and networking to girls.

I could not agree more with this article and think it has a lot of great extensions to the larger finance and business worlds.  Starting exposure and education when girls are younger, particularly in math, economics, and finance studies, is key.  I was lucky enough to get a fantastic finance education in college, but I probably wouldn’t have chosen to major in this if I hadn’t already started trading in high school (nerd alert).  I’m a huge fan of organizations like Smart Woman Securities (founded by Warren Buffett lieutenant Tracey Britt), and would love to see more formal efforts implemented in schools and colleges.  


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