Happy Friday! I’m particularly looking forward to the upcoming long weekend, in slight part because I’ll get a break from this continually tanking market (oil below $30 a barrel today). But first, let’s catch up on last week via TDT’s new weekly feature, where I recap all of my discretionary spending – think Grub Street Diet, but for money.


Friday was one of those work days that just never seemed to end. Luckily, I had plans with friends to look forward to. Post work I headed to my friend’s apartment – where Martha Stewart might be put to shame. I’m not sure how but as is typical for her on Fridays, she worked a full day, then put together a dinner party. For any vegetarian readers, she made this fantastic mushroom version of beef bourguignon.

I spent $12 cabbing there and back because it was below 30 degrees and raining, and the idea of parking in DC on a Friday night is horrific. Money well spent.

Oh, turns out it really was a never-ending work days – I came home and caught up on some more work until 1 am.


A much needed day of relaxation capped off with my idea of an ideal Saturday night in the winter – 4 episodes of “Making a Murderer” and Thai food delivery – $20.


Somehow the weather gods smiled on me on Sunday, as DC morphed from freezing and miserable to 60 degrees and sunny. I took advantage of the gift with a long walk and an afternoon of playing tennis. One great perk to living in DC is the city has a ton of great public parks and courts (like this ivy covered one I played at Sunday).

Free tennis courts

I was too busy spending all day outside to cook anything, so I grabbed some Pho takeout for $11.


I hit up the grocery store to get some weekly staples, plus ingredients for a couple of make-ahead dinners so I’d be all set for meals for the week – $59.


I ate leftovers from what I’d cooked on Monday for almost all of my meals this week. $0 spent on Tuesday.


Somehow caught a cold and spent $10 at CVS on Gatorade and Nyquil.


Zilch again.

Total spend: $92

That about wraps us the week. Today should be a no-spending day as well. I’m actually headed to a free Soul Cycle class later on this afternoon – they’re offering free classes until the 18th to anyone who hasn’t been before. Considering that classes are normally $30+, I’ve never been :).

p.s. I don’t include recurring expenses like the gym/ClassPass, rent, and utilities in this feature.

p.p.s. Still experimenting with the title – feedback/suggestions welcome!


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