Although the weather indicates otherwise, according to the calendar we have made it to March. And that means a new round of the Simple Saver Series! This month: Minimal Manicure March.

I have a love/hate relationship with manicures. I love getting them, and I love the way my nails look for about an hour. But then I’m too impatient to sit still long enough for them to dry, and they chip almost immediately. Compound that with the fact that I’m one of those weirdos who loves picking off my nail polish, and that may explain why I’m willing to put manicures on the chopping block this month.

The other reason I’m putting them up, is because they’re another item that seems innocuous when you pay, but adds up quickly over time. I’ll be conservative and say you frequent one of the really cheap places that charges $14 for a manicure. Plus tip and tax, you’re looking at about $18 a pop. At a manicure a week that’s $72 a month, and $936 a year.

Raise your hand if you realized you were paying almost $1,000 a year for cheap manicures. Yea… I didn’t think it added up to so much either until I did the math. Oh, and that number assumes that you go to the cheap salons and forgo pedicures and the $10 back massage. So you actually could be spending a lot more.

So this month, I’m attempting to scale back my manicure habit. I know that many women like to have their nails painted constantly, so this one might feel like I’m asking too much. But again, this challenge isn’t about giving up something forever, just trying to decrease your spending on it for a period. That way at the end of the challenge you’ll know what’s easy to give up when you need to tighten your wallet, and what you just can’t live without. Plus, we can make exceptions for special occasions (I have a wedding for a good friend in late March).

What’s your alternative? DIY! Here are a few links with tips on giving yourself a salon quality, at-home manicure.

Get a Perfect At-Home Manicure in 7 Easy Steps
27 Nail Hacks for the Perfect DIY Manicure
How to Master the At-Home Manicure

If you don’t have a stash of nail polish yet, I like this color and this color a lot.

And if any guys have kept reading to this point, you’re not off the hook yet. Try giving up barbershop shaves for the month if they’re your habit. Given that the statement still doesn’t apply to most of you, this is one month where that gender pay gap really stings.

Want to chat more about this? Share in the comments below or Tweet me @TheDayTradette with gripes, comments, or successes using #MinimalManicureMarch or #TDTSaves2015.


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