Look out Amazon and Netflx, Hulu is stepping up in the original content game.  Hulu announced today that it appointed a new head of content who helped create TV mega-hits like Pretty Little Liars24House and The Voice.  

Great original programming has been a money-maker for Netflix, which even saw a jump in stock price right after House of Cards won an Emmy this year.  Amazon has learned from Netflix’s success and is increasing its original programming offerings, including new shows shot in the higher-quality 4K Ultra Hd.  Looks like Hulu is getting serious about beefing up its original content too (apparently they already had some – I had no clue) and is bringing in the big guns to get it done.

Likely this move was made to increase revenues from Hulu Plus.  The true driver for keeping people attached to Netflix has been its original content.  Right now anything I see on Hulu Plus I can get for free on Xfinity.  Hulu Plus would have had a hard time continuing to charge the price it does unless it made a move like Netflix/Amazon into high-quality original content.  Plus, Hulu must be getting nervous about the rumors of an upcoming, ad-supported streaming service from Amazon.

Hulu is owned by media conglomerates Disney, 21st Century Fox and Comcast, so look to those companies reports for the impacts Hulu’s move has.  I’m excited to see how this push for original content among the internet TV services plays out.  A next step to watch for may be the cable companies like Verizon, AT&T, etc. providing some original content too.


2 Comments on Hulu appoints big dog head of content, likely to beef up original programming

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