Happy Friday, Friends! Now that we’ve entered a new year I’m trying out a new Friday theme – a take on a weekly roundup post. It’ll be a mix of key news stories for the week, links to interesting articles, fashion deals when they pop up, random things I’m loving, and a dash of my non-finance life.

  • European Markets Rally

There’s finally some good news for our friends in Europe, which in turn means good news for our own markets. The European Central Bank (ECB) announced a bond buying program starting in March, to stimulate growth in the region. This is similar to the Federal Reserve’s bond buying program (Quantitative Easing) which helped out the US after the recession. The government buying bonds drives up bond prices, thus driving down interest rates (the two move in opposite directions). Lower interest rates mean businesses and consumers can borrow money to invest in business expansion, houses, etc. and create economic growth.

The ECB plans to spend 60 billion euros a month on bonds through at least 2016. The news drove up the European stock market, as investors are optimistic about economic growth and higher future stock prices (when interest rates are low consumers tend to invest more in stocks and less in bonds).

  • The Clash of Generations

The internet has been a-buzzing about President Obama’s YouTube interviews gone bad. Turns out, while YouTube stars can help you connect to a younger population, they don’t make the best White House journalists. [Note: This is not to be confused with Obama’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ interview, which was amazing.]

  • Yemen: It Gets Worse

Yesterday, Yemen’s President, Prime Minister, and Cabinet all resigned. This is pretty scary for the US, as our government had been counting on Yemen’s government for support in fighting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Making matters worse, apparently ISIS is gaining ground in Yemen and the US has been pulling personnel from the Yemen embassy.

  • Turns Out Wine Is Illiquid

An interesting (and short) article on the business of investing in wine.

  • Netflix: It Gets Better

This has been a great week for Netflix (NFLX) – and subsequently, my portfolio. The company reported strong earnings and stellar international growth on Tuesday, boosting its stock price. And now, the trailer for Tina Fey’s new Netflix comedy, ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘ is out.

The show stars Ellie Kemper (‘The Office’) as the survivor of a doomsday cult who moves to New York. The show was originally supposed to air on NBC, but Netflix nabbed it instead and gave it a two season order. As a huge Tina Fey fan (fun fact: a fellow UVa alum), I’m excited for the series debut on March 6. And as a Netflix long-term fan, I’m excited to see the expansion of Netflix’s high quality original content. I think it’s the key to their subscriber growth.

I’ll let you know how it is on March 7!

  • The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum


My boyfriend and I spent this past weekend of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. One of the highlights was visiting this adorable museum. I’ll admit, it sounds boring, but it’s worth checking out if you’re in the area and need a beach break (or like us, don’t want to sit on the beach in 30 degree weather).

And that wraps up the inaugural roundup. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Jess
    January 23, 2015 at 10:41 pm (2 years ago)

    Maryland looms pretty! Have a great weekend!


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