Happy Friday everyone! On Fridays I’ve been switching it up from our regularly scheduled investing talk, and writing some lighter posts to show you how you can save money shopping! This seems like perfect timing since quite a few of you mentioned in your emails that you were looking for ways to cut back spending.

Today’s Fashion Friday is all about budget beauty, because makeup can be scarily expensive sometimes. A few years ago I got my makeup done for my cousin’s wedding at the Tom Ford counter. I loved my look and asked to buy a few products at the end. Apparently Tom Ford lines their makeup boxes with gold, because when I went to pay, blush was $80 and lipstick was $50! I was too embarrassed to say anything to my fabulous makeup guy so I went back the next week and returned it all.

Through experimenting over the years I’ve found ways to look good without having a coronary at checkout. Here are my favorite budget beauty buys:

Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream - Fair/Light

If I could only choose one piece of makeup to wear, this would be it. This BB cream is basically a tinted moisturizer, so it evens out my skin without looking too heavy. It also has SPF coverage, which means I can protect my skin from sun damage without even thinking.

You can buy this BB Cream at any drugstore, Target, Walmart, etc. It’s marked as $12.99, but I’m almost always able to use a coupon or find it on sale at CVS. This one is one of the more expensive ones in the drugstore aisle, but it’s also one of the biggest (2.5 ounces vs. 1 ounce for others), so it’s a good price per ounce and lasts me a long time.

By the way, an easy way to get coupons at drug stores is to download their app on your phone, and then scan it at the kiosk when you walk in. You can print out coupons right at the kiosk rather than having to remember to bring them in. I’ve seen these kiosks at CVS and Walgreens.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara Black, .23 Ounce

At this point I feel like I’ve tried every mascara under the sun and this is the one I keep coming back to. I’m sure it’s in my head, but I feel like this mascara actually does make my lashes grow longer. Plus it doesn’t clump, which is my biggest mascara pet peeve.

This one retails for $9, and again, I almost always buy it with a coupon or on sale at CVS.

Sonia Kashuk® Beautifying Blush

First of all, is it just me or does it feel like Nars has implemented a giant conspiracy where every magazine recommends Nars blush in orgasm? Sorry folks, but I’m going to break away from the pack for a minute.

My favorite blush is Sonia Kashuk beautifying blush (I wear it in Flamingo). I like that it gives a light pink, almost sheer, flush. (Don’t be alarmed, my blush is much lighter in person than it is in the picture). You can only buy this blush at Target and it’s around $10, but it lasts me a year.

Barbasol Beard Buster Soothing Aloe Shaving Cream - 10 oz

I owe credit for this money-saving trick to my boyfriend. I’ve been buying the Skintimate (insert random girly scent) forever, not realizing the magic that is Barbasol until I followed him into the men’s shaving aisle one day. Turns out there is gender inequality in the shaving section.

This stuff is about half the price of the girly shaving creams, at $1.67 for 11 ounces. Plus it’s even creamier and thicker than the Skintimate I used to use. I buy it at Target or any drugstore.

I realize there are some makeup products that are worth splurging on (i.e. good foundation if your skin breaks out), but at least you can balance out that extra cost with savings on these items.


2 Comments on Fashion Friday: The Best Budget Beauty Buys

  1. jenny
    October 26, 2014 at 8:21 pm (3 years ago)

    Hello! Just reading for the first time after seeing your post on fitnessista. Looking forward to learning some good tips from you. I did need to mention that your comment about not looking homeless is incredibly offensive. As someone who works with the population, I can assure you “they” dont try to look homeless either

    • The Day Tradette
      October 27, 2014 at 6:16 pm (3 years ago)

      I am so sorry, you are totally right! Deleted the sentence.


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