Remember a few weeks ago when I proposed buying Amazon (AMZN) when it dipped below $300?  That may be paying off sooner than I thought.  Amazon has been hyping a “secret” new device recently.  In a touch of marketing genius Amazon even published a video with people gushing over an amazing device just out of the camera shot.

Spoiler alert: The new device is a phone.  Full details will be released during the launch on June 18th, but what’s been leaked so far indicates the phone will be pretty cool.

The feature customers are exclaiming over in the video appears to be a program that alters the phone’s display based on your head movements.  The feature can give the phone more of a 3D, augmented reality affect.

The phone release means great news for the company first just as a new revenue stream and big creator of buzz.  More importantly though, the phone will integrate with all of Amazon’s shopping features to push phone owners to shop more on Amazon.

The phone will likely incorporate the feature in Amazon’s app that allows you to take a picture of a product and get a link to purchase it on  The phone will also feature indoor GPS, which can be used to gather data on where you are shopping and push you to Amazon partners. So not only will the phone provide Amazon a new revenue stream, it will strengthen and expand its existing, key revenue source.  I wouldn’t be surprised if pricing on the phone were low to reflect this shopping benefit.

The product launch comes at a great time for investors.  Amazon is coming off a big drop in share price, hovering around $300 for the past month.  The stock increased about 6% yesterday after phone details emerged, and it will likely rise further after the June 18th launch date.  Early next week could be a good time to consider buying – after the initial phone news subsides but before the official launch occurs.

If you want to go to the launch yourself click the picture above to access a short request form.  Just make sure you have good answers to questions like, “Describe an innovative way in which you have used gyroscopes, accelerometers, or other device sensors in your app development.”


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