Welcome to The Day Tradette!  I’m Rachel, a mid-20’s professional and admitted finance nerd.

The Day Tradette

On the site you’ll find basic investing and personal finance advice for those just starting out. I try to make my writing easy to understand and “non-financey,” so I can share it with women and people my age who might not view themselves as typical investors. Unlike your dad’s financial advisor, I totally get what stage you’re at in life and all of the money concerns that come with it. I’ll show you how to budget, save, and invest so you can maximize your money!

I hold the Series 65 license, and am in the process of registering as an investment advisor. I offer budget coaching for individuals and couples and group workshops and speaking engagements.

In addition to investing I also love running, Real Housewives of any city, and long dinners with friends.

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You can always write me with any questions, comments, or post requests at thedaytradette@gmail.com.


Disclaimer: All posts are purely my opinion and should not be considered personalized investment or financial advice. Please conduct your own due diligence regarding any items mentioned, and consider your personal financial situation before implementing anything you read here. Personalized investment advice can only be gained through my investment management or budget coaching services, not blog posts.

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